Stand by your van...

...and make it better!

our mind-set

The VW T4 is the best bus ever. Owners appreciate the modern comfort while repairs can be managed easily. The know-how inside the T4 community is gigantic.

Still aftermarket industry has turned their back on this model and logically supplies newer ones.

We want to support the owners who stick to the T4 with parts that help make their bus better.


We believe the T4 deserves it.

design philosophy

Everyone working on their T4 is confronted with the same obstacles. So why does no one ever think about a reusable solution?


We want to provide parts that will lead you to a faster result than full DIY with all trial and error.

Yes, sometimes cutting or afterwork might be required, but that is far better than starting from scratch.


So we deliver high-class parts, mostly computer designed and CNC-fabricated that have passed the full  development process  and are field proven.


There is so much to do on a bus, let's face the next project!

made in Germany

We are very proud to produce all parts 100% in Germany.


This allows us to offer high quality products with short delivery times.