Off-road bumper long-nose- Bella




After Berta passed the fires, her pretty sister was tackled for the long front.
Bella drastically reduces the approach angle, which is also appreciated by LV off-road syncronauts.
Because in comparison Bella's dimensions are slightly bigger, a three-part concept is applied with a view to better logistics also offering further advantages:
The side parts are now made of 1.5mm steel sheet, but the middle part is made of 2.5mm steel sheet. It is also possible to weld reinforcing ribs on the middle part, or even to process it individually, in order to connect a motor protection. Even in the event of repairs, the engine can be easily accessed without disassembling the entire bumper.
Of course, the ice cream parlor off-roaders are also looking forward to the crisp look.





Bella is screwed to the original points at the front. At the bottom, however, an additional screw to the front mask is added.
Bella is consciously designed more elegantly than Berta, because of this unfortunately the very practical mounting points are no longer necessary.
Bella is delivered in black KTL-primed. The original impact carrier is omitted as well as the collision characteristics of the T4 at low speeds.
As Bella is installed on the vehicle front, the correct mounting and observance of all legal parameters must be checked by local authorities.