Without a doubt, the interior of a bus offers gigantic scope for individualization.
We can make a small contribution to the good success. Especially the reduction of the driving noise is
at the top of the wish list of many bus drivers, who often use their Bulli as a travel vehicle



Gearshift insulation - Anna




Everything began with Anna. The original part 7D0 711 545 is unfortunately no longer available and is missed severely,
since it nevertheless makes a significant contribution to the noise reduction. After all, the hole to the street is only shielded by a shawl bag.
No driver has regretted the installation of Anna. Due to the small series Anna is delivered as a kit.
Core-part is a molded part of extremely robust HDPE. This must be slightly cut to measure.
The holes for the mounting sleeves must be made using the enclosed drilling template.
At one's own discretion the performance can be increased by the application of aluminum butyl.


Audi TT adaptor console - Alma



Seats are always a big issue. The market for high quality retrofit seats is limited and usually these are costly.
Even used upgrade seats for the T4 are rare and hardly improve the lateral support.
Large drivers are struggling with the low headroom. Audi TT (model 8N) seats are still popular a
nd for the T4 also our first choice for multiple reasons:


  • They are available in a high quantity and in good condition.
  • They offer an excellent lateral support.
  • They fit perfectly into the T4 interior.
  • TT seats are also very close to the dimensions of T4-seats.
  • They look great.

Installing a TT-seat can be quite easy, if you screw or weld it onto the T4 console. Only then you sit much too high,
even if the height adjustment is fully lowered. Thus the height adjustment becomes useless.
A §21 acceptance is, of course, also necessary.

This is exactly why we have developed Alma.


 Alma positions the seat where it should be ergonomically correct. The height is selected so that the seat position ranges from slightly lower than series to slightly higher.
Alma also has preformed cut-outs for T5 entrance lights.
Alma has a pre-installation for use as a safe (in preparation).
Alma has no ABE and can only be legalized by §21 individual acceptance. Due to the very solid design of 3mm steel sheet we had no problems with this.



Leisure battery and Alma

Naturally installation height is limited. We found a solution in using a Optima Yellow Top. The console comes with all relevant holes, nevertheless brakets need to be created b the customer.