Undoubtedly, the interior of a bus offers gigantic scope for customization.


We can contribute to the success of your project. Reducing driving noise is also high on the wish list of many bus drivers who often use their Bulli as a travel vehicle.

Audi TT seat-console-Alma


Seats are always a big topic. The market for quality retrofit seats is limited and usually these are correspondingly expensive. Also used upgrade pilot-seats from top-comfort T4 are rare and hardly improve the lack of cornering.


Usually tall drivers have some struggels with the reduced headroom. Audi TT (model 8N) seats are still popular and for the T4 also our first choice. Because:


  • They are regulary available in good condition.
  • They have excellent side guidance.
  • They look great.
  • The colours match well with the T4 interior.
  • The dimensions TT seats are also very similar to the T4 seats.
  • They offer a hight adjustment
  • no eletronics
  • seat heating almost compatable to the T4 wirering



Installing a TT seat can be quite easy if you screw or weld it to the  original T4 console. But this solution leads to a way too high seat position, even if the height adjustment is fully lowered. In fact the height adjustment is totally useless. National homologation standards have to be respected pls check with your transportation authorities. ( In germany TÜV or DEKRA)




That's exactly why we developed Alma.



Alma positions the seat at the ergonomically correct position. The height is chosen so that the seating position ranges from slightly lower than series to slightly higher.




  • Alma also has pre-stamped recesses for T5 entry-level lights.


  • Alma has a pre-equipment as a safe (in preparation). 


  • Alma is suitable for both the left and the right side.


  • Alma is made of 3mm steal and has a very robust design. 


Alma is for Motorsport only!!

some TIPS around the TT-seat installation

leisure battery and Alma

Of course, the space under the seat is lower than in the stock arrangement. A solution was found with the change to an Optima Yellow Top, which can be mounted horizontally. The brackets must be made on your own, the console has all the relevant holes.

shifting sides

If you switch the Audi seats from left to right, so swap their sides (exchange of the rear cross member required) you will find a couple of neat advantages:


  • The driver now sits on a mostly unused Audi passenger seat.
  • The height adjustment levers are inside and don’t rub on the doorpocket
  • Same to the side airbag compartment, which is well suited for connecting the armrest à Anouk.



good news first: the T4 switch can operate the TT-heating mats.

You just need to build a small adaptor-harness

Fitting the armrest with "Anouk"

When the sides have been changed, an armrest can be mounted in the airbag holder with the help of Anouk.





ATTENTION: Work on the airbag must only be carried out by qualified personnel. Ask a specialist to disassemble, corer and dispose of the old airbag.