Beside the passion for the T4 I was always into RC.

here is now the place to share and promote inventions

Kippy, the Bruder XD5000 RC conversion

It starts with a nice small Dumper from Bruder Toys. I got mine at Smith-toys for around 27€ while we were checking out the LEGOs.

Actually I instandly fell in love the little maschine. It has a unique and nice design. The required hardware for the RC-conversion is much less than with the bigger Volvo Dumper.



4Wheeldrive with 4 Motors (25mm, 130 rpm)

swing front axle

articulated steering with 20kg Servo

3,5kg payload

10mm rubber tractor tyres


To perform the conversion some tools and skills are needed you still fabricate an RC-vehicle.

Not all steps can be described here.

I try to put as many photos and videos online check out the details.

development log

status 03.10.2021:

everything is put together. drive and tipcontrol come from servonaut.  I wait for the drives with the proper gearing. some impressions on youtube: